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We have been retained to represent the buyers in the below closing.  Please complete this information in it ENTIRETY.  Please advise your client(s) to bring  photo identification to the closing.


Property Address:
Property City:
Property State:
Property Zip:
Closing Date:
Closing Time:
Buyer's Name 1:
Buyer's Name 2:
Listing/Seller's Agent:
Agent's Phone:
Agent's Fax:
Agent's Email:
Seller Name 1:
Seller Name 2:
Is Seller/Sellers Married?Yes  No
If YES, Name of Spouse:
If sellers are divorced or separated, please send a copy of divorce decree or separation agreement.
Seller's Current Phone #:
Seller's Current Cell #:
Seller's Current Address:
Seller's Current City:
Seller's Current State:
Seller's Current Zip:
Seller's Forwarding Address:
Seller's Forwarding City:
Seller's Forwarding State:
Seller's Forwarding Zip:
1099 Tax Form Information
Seller's SSN:
Spouse's SSN:
Was this the seller's primary residence? Yes  No
Document Preparation
Are we preparing the Deed and Lien Waiver for the Sellers?Yes  No
If No, Firm name that will:
Firm's Phone Number:
Is there prior Title Insurance? Yes  No
*** If YES, please fax policy to: (704) 483-9755
Disbursement Information
Commission Payable            % to
on this Transaction: % to
Will I be attending the Closing?      Yes         No
If NO, Commission check? Pick Up  Mail   Mail to address:
  Mail to City:
  Mail to State:
  Mail to Zip:
Please fax any invoices to be included on the settlement statement to (704)483-9755
Payoff Information:
***  1st Mortgage ***   
Lender's Name:
Lender's Phone
Account No:
Name on Acct (1):
Name on Acct (2):
***  2nd Mortgage ***   
Lender's Name:
Lender's Phone
Account No:
Name on Acct (1):
Name on Acct (2):
Account Holder(s) Name and SSN
Account Holder Name 1:
Account Holder SSN 1:
Account Holder Name 2:
Account Holder SSN 2:
Any Other Information:        

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